Training Philosophy Shaping Bodies….it’s what we do.
House of Payne Personal Training

October 1, 2008

House of Payne Personal Training is the leading personal training facility where you can train with qualified trainers, learn how to make fitness a regular part of your lifestyle and expect to get results. Located in Gwinnett County, owners Rachel Payne and her husband Steve, envision a facility “totally dedicated to helping their clients be their best at any age, for any occasion, for competition, for a better you, for life.”

Staff at The House of Payne

October 1, 2008









We assume this task by ensuring clients; adults, kids, seniors, sports athletes, bikini, figure, physique and bodybuilding competitors, or just the average person who wants to be in shape, receive a specialized exercise plan developed to meet individual needs and help you change your life. “We will strive to help our clients become stronger, faster, leaner, and healthier than you can imagine. We will lead by example and be there to train, support, inspire, motivate, and encourage each of our clients on their journey.”

House of Payne Personal Training is located at 4565 Lawrenceville Highway, half way between Indian Trail and Beaver Ruin. The facility encompasses 10,000 square feet of free weights, machines, and conditioning training equipment along with a full size stage for bikini, figure, physique, and bodybuilding, fitness modeling and pageant practice.



October 2013

Our facility is the official training facility for the International Association of Fitness Sciences (IAFS) Personal Training Certification program founded and developed by 8-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney. Our staff is comprised of a growing number of trainers with a combined 80+ years of experience. Each trainer specializes in different areas allowing us to have a team approach to training that keeps our objective focused on training each client for the results they desire. “We invest in our clients; take their training to a new level. Educating our clients in all aspects of their training programs enables the client to grow, educating our trainers keeps them up to date on safe and proper training techniques, and reaching out to educate our community brings about an increased awareness of the benefits of health and fitness for everyone!”