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Nicole Markovic – Bikini Testimonial


Nicole Markovic IFBB PRO - Testimonial

Nicole Markovic at The IFBB Legends Pro Bikini Classic in Las Vegas, NV | Suit Provided by

“Everyone should be jealous of my coach (Steve Payne) because he’s the MAN!  From our laughs of the things he tells me to eat, to our talks to keep me in check so I don’t constantly over think and  analyze everything. Steve also has a great eye for shaping my posing routine to  absolute perfection.   He is much more than I could have ever hoped for to have as a coach.

Even from my early childhood,  when I swam competitively year round, no coach has ever measured up to him! It’s all about having that chemistry of personalities that match, along with his vast knowledge of the sport but always being able to keep him guessing with my body that refuses to ever go into “off” mode.  I am truly Blessed.” –  Nicole Markovic, IFBB Bikini Pro




Chelsea Piermarini – Bikini Testimonial


Chelsea Piermarini - Bikini Testimonial

Chelsea Piermarini – Bikini Testimonial


“I have tried to write this testimonial several times, but I cant exactly find the right place to start. Before Steve and Rachel Payne, and after….

Before, I seriously thought I knew what I was doing, in terms of training and eating, I thought that the way to look like the girls in the fitness magazine was to eat egg whites and do hours of cardio.

I did triathlons, ran half marathons, ran and ran and ran and ran all the while eating whatever I wanted. This cycle would go back and forth- sometimes I would even fast for extended periods of time, I thought I looked pretty good…so good in fact that I decided that I should clearly do a fitness contest. I tried several times to be in “contest prep” with literally zero knowledge of what I was doing. I finally decided that enough was enough and I needed real help. My trainer at the time pointed me to The House of Payne.

I was a little shocked when I stood in front of Steve for the first time in my saggy bathing suit and hooker heels that he didn’t praise me and tell me I would obviously win first place.

It was that moment that I realized “skinny fat” was a thing, and it was not cute.

Steve promised me that I would no longer be hungry, or counting calories, and no longer would I be on the treadmill for hours at a time.

I may have received my certification through ISSA, but Steve taught me everything I know.

During the five months of contest prep, I gained almost 8 pounds of muscle…I felt incredible, my clients started to notice, which brought me new clients and even a job offer at the gym that I had been training at.

I gained an enormous amount of self confidence which helped in all aspects of my life.

Chelsea Piermarini - Amazing two year transformation after giving birth!

Chelsea Piermarini – Amazing two year transformation after giving birth!

Steve has this incredible ability to make everyone feel as if they are special. His attention and encouragement was spot on the day I walked out on to the stage with all my insecurities and fat rolls, and did not waiver up until he high fived me after I skipped  off stage the first time.

To say that I am grateful for The House of Payne is an understatement, I truly feel that this entire experience has changed my life for the better. I learned so much about myself, how to train, how to eat, how to treat myself, but most importantly that I am so much stronger then I ever thought I was, and sometimes all we need is someone to push us and believe in our dreams.

I honestly can say I can’t wait to see whats next on this journey!” –  Chelsea Piermarini, Personal Trainer, NPC Bikini Competitor