Fit Lifestyle
Roger Orlando - Lifestyle Solutions Client

Roger Orlando – Fit Lifestyle Client


Fit Lifestyle is the first step in your fitness journey. Once we determine your fitness goals a program will be created specifically to help you reach those goals. It will be a team effort – you and us and a combination of one-on-one training or small group training and training on your own.

Our job is to help you learn how to make the changes necessary to reach your goals so that eventually it is your new lifestyle. The transformation process begins with foundational and functional exercise movements, safe and proper training techniques, sharing the knowledge to help you understand the purpose of each part of the program and a support system to get the resulted results.

From the beginner to the seasoned gym rat, there is always something to learn, different ways to train smarter as we grow older, changes in our goals and we will be there to help you in our journey.


Linda Grissel - Lifestyle Solutions Client

Linda Grissel – Fit Lifestyle Client

Linda Grissel Testimonial

Wife, Mother of 3, Business Owner

Age: 52 (and proud of it!)


1. What were your goals coming into this training experience?

My initial goal was just to lose a few pounds and to tone up a little.

 2. How have you (lost weight, trained for a show, gained muscle) before?

I have been on diets to lose weight but always gained it back. I also relied

on sporadic exercising to help control weight.

3. Why did you decide to go with a trainer to help you?

I chose Kelly to be my personal trainer because we talked about the

importance of combining proper diet with the proper exercise. For my

purposes of losing weight and toning I realized he was the trainer that

could help me stay on tract with both.

4. Is this your first experience with a trainer? Yes/no, if no, what were other experiences like. If no – How is (this trainer) different from your other experiences?

Yes – this is my first experience with a trainer

5. How would you describe your experience with (this trainer)?

I have been working with Kelly for a year now. I very much look forward

to our training time. He incorporates weights, cardio and diet knowledge

into every workout. He pushes me to go one step further and when I’m

ready to “go to the next level” we discuss what to do to get there.

6. How has (this trainer) helped you to meet your goals?

Kelly has helped me to meet and exceed my goals. When I started at the

gym I was a size 10 – almost peeking into a 12! I have never been smaller

than a size 8. Today I am buying a size 2! I am stronger, fitter and more

confident than ever. I think when I started at House of Payne Personal

Training Kelly saw the potential in me that I certainly did not realize I

had. He has in the past year and is continuing to help me with my health


7. What advice do you have for others who were in your same position and are (looking for a trainer, trying to decide on a trainer)?

To pick the right trainer you need to decide what your goals are – to gain

muscle, to compete, to lose weight, to tone, to sculpt, or just lose a few

pounds. Every trainer has different ideas. Much time is spent together in

the gym so it is important to be able to communicate with your trainer so

that he/she understands your goals as well as if a movement affects you in

a good or bad way or if something in your nutritional program needs to be

adjusted. Your feedback will assist the trainer in developing a program

that will be successful for you.